About Our Tools

All our tools are researched, designed and developed in-house. Because we do not use 3rd party software, relabelled and packaged as our own, we are able to provide the lowest cost price without compromising on quality. Our products are considered WEB 3.0, designed for today AND tomorrow.

Some of our products can be found on this page while other products are currently being researched and developed. We are committed to keeping ahead of the trend so we’ll be ready when our customers are.


Use the sliders near the bottom of this box to navigate to page overviews with brief descriptions about some of our products and services. We are currently developing other products to add to our distributors’ tool bags and will update this page when necessary. Please feel free to contact us about any of these should you have a need or interest.

Website Communicator

Website Communicator

Website Communicator adds a true-to-life human element to your website by making it possible for you to stream live webcam video on any website, blog or Facebook page (in your control). Visitors can communicate with you in real time using text chat, audio and/or live streaming webcam video.

Increase your chances of securing sales and building lasting relationships with new prospects.

There are many features to Website Communicator like the Buddy List, Operator List, Associates List and the ability to transfer vistitors to different operators. You have to see it to fully understand it.

To learn more simply go to https://www.WebsiteCommunicator.com (opens in a new window).

Audio Video Conference

Audio Video Conference

Audio Video Conference is a web conferencing program that connects you with anyone anywhere using an Internet connection and a webcam.

Downloading isn’t necessary for presenters nor for visitors. Our webinar solution is totally web based so everyone logs in from a website.

Up to 10 people can be sharing their webcam streams at the same time; great for small group collaboration. However, the room is not limited to 10 visitors. You can have many more visitors but only 10 can share their webcam simultaneously.

Enjoy features like, PowerPoint, Desktop Sharing, Flipchat, Browser, Facebook and Twitter integration and more.

Got to https://www.AudioVideoConference.com to learn more (opens in a new window).


Audio Video Email (and testimonial script)

“Video will replace text messages as the online communication mechanism. Text-based email will seem as archaic as black and white TV.” – Forrester Research

Our video email postcards program allows you to send video messages to friends, family, customers and anyone for whom you have their email address. You simply choose a postcard from our gallery or upload your own image. Then, add a short text message that will display beneath the video message. Next, record your video message, preview it and then send it if you are happy with it. You simply have to enter your recipients name and email address when prompted. Your recipient will receive the video email postcard within minutes.

In addition to sending video email postcards, we’ve added the ability for entrepreneurs to easily solicit video testimonials from satisfied customers. You simply create a category for the product or service you want testimonials for and give the generated link to prospects and ask them for a testimonial. They simply sit in front of the webcam, click record then click save. That’s it. No rocket science knowledge required. The video testimonial is instantly added to your website and can be seen through the video play (which you will add to your site).


Simply visit https://www.AudioVideoEmail.com to learn more (opens in a new window).




VAPPSY is a video app system that empowers your customers to sell for you.

The app can be downloaded for free. People simply hold up their smart device and record their video recommendation and click save. They are then prompted for a pass-code which tells the app that it has permission to record and upload the video as well as designates to which account the video will be added. Once videos are approved by the account holder the video can be watched on the account holder’s website via a branded video player.


In addition to collecting video testimonials, VAPPSY is equiped with a VAPCHAT button that allows visitors to the website to communicate instantly with the website owner via text messaging. VAPPSY is an app that NO company should be without.


To learn more visit https://www.VAPPSY.com (opens in a new window).