Living UP Life

LivingUP is Hyphen Tech’s latest project, a mobile app. Actually, it’s much MORE than a mobile app. It will work on the major smart phones and tablets as well as on MACs and PCs. Yes, we will cover them all. User will also be able to manage their accounts from multiple devices giving them flexibility while on the go (using their smart phone) and when they return home or to the office (using their PC/MAC).

The app is multipurpose. It’s designed to be a debt-eliminating, wealth-building system. It will allow users to manage their debt, giving them a LIVE up-to-date financial snapshot of their lives. Users will be able to map their desires and dreams using the interactive vision board. Users will be able to manage business expenses and then export reports to QuickBooks. Users will be able to earn monthly commissions in multiple ways, i.e., simply sharing the app with others, as well as other income revenue opportunities.

Check out the video and if you want to learn more simply complete the form and we’ll be in touch with you.