KwikiChat is Hyphen Tech’s latest project, a mobile app. Actually, it’s much MORE than a mobile app. It will work on the major smart phones and tablets as well as on MACs and PCs. Yes, we will cover them all.

The app is designed to bring buyers and sellers together instantly while buyers are “hot”. A website visitors is known to be the “hottest” when they are on your website. So it simply makes sense that these potential buyers be able to communicate with you immediately. KwikiChat makes this possible, contributing to more sales and more satisfied customers.

Check out the video and if you want to learn more simply contact us. We’d be happy to have a “Kwiki” with you.

In the meantime, you can visit KwikiChat’s official website at Depending on when you visit you might be able to take advantage of lifetime license for a one-time payment. This is only available during development and will be suspended as we near launch in the summer of 2017.